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This website is a place for former and current students and teachers from Comprehensive High School/Rose Hall High School & National High School to interact and network with each other.


We would like to post real, interesting stories of students and teachers who attended these high schools; stories that changed lives and influenced us one way or the other.

We encourage students to send us their stories, even a little encouter that may have influenced their lives one way or the other.  


We are in the process of creating a database of each principals/headmasters past and present who have managed day-to-day running of these schools from the inception to present. We need your help in putting up such a huge database and are asking  students and teachers who want to help to send us an email with some info on who they are writing on. We reserve the right to edit these pieces.


Mr. Rudra Nath is one the trail-blazers and pioneers in the promotion of education in the Rose Hall, Berbice area during the 1950s and 1960s. He has been the inspiration for many poor kids from the villages of Berbice who aspire for higher education. Mr. Nath made those kids' dream come through by believing in them and urging them to pursue their dreams. He was a true visionary.

Mr. Rudra Nath - Education Master of Berbice ( file photo)


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